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Sunday, March 05, 2006

God's Got It: The Legendary Jackson and Booker Singles

I came across this album after spending some idle time fooling around on Spiritualized's website, and after hearing a few samples on the Casequarter Record Label website decided to take a chance and spring for it. By no stretch of the imagination would anyone consider me a religious person, but I've always been drawn towards music with religious intonations, especially gospel...go figure. Anyways, this album is pretty mindblowing gospel via the delta blues and anyone who over looks this because of the religious nature of it is one lame asshole, because this is powerful music with no gimmicks. You can hear the raw passion in every track with cheap amps, hand clapping/foot stomping percussion, and soulful singing that borders on confessional's just music you can feel.

So don't be a jerk, buy this.

Download - "God's Got It"
Download - "Morning Train"
Download - "This Old Building"


Anonymous said...

rob you are unbelievable. you're taste amazes me man, keep it coming!

Rob said...

haha, well I don't know if this is mocking or complimenting me...but I'll pretend it's the latter. Thanks a lot man!

Anonymous said...

its the latter, i cant believe you find things like this.